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Our studio is just 2 blocks away from the Grove Path Station!

Success Stories

Sophia came to us as her last-ditch effort to lose weight. After 6 months, she lost 16.5% body fat, and whopping 46 pounds!

Just 40 days into our transformation program, Rabia is down 5% body fat, 15 pounds, and 4 inches on waist!

Madga tried various gyms to break her plateau. All of her efforts were to no avail. 6 weeks here, she lost 6% body fat and 10 pounds.

Meet our happy bride, Isabella. She lost 15 pounds, 8% body fat and inches all over just before her big day!!

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Semi-private Training Sessions

Train with your friends and tap into the group energy! The classes are designed to maximize your burn and build your strength. You get the benefit of close attention from our coaches at affordable prices.

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Personal Training Sessions

We offer 1-on-1 or semi-private personal training options. You will get undivided attention from our coaches and receive your personalized, results-driven training and a tailored nutritional plan.

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Nutrition Consultations

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting? Here at Surge Fitness, we know your eating habit is a key component to achieve your transformation. That is why we offer FREE nutrition consultation to all Surge Fitness Family members. Don’t be shy, take advantage of the opportunity to learn the secrets of eating your way to success!

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Your Head Coach:Sergey

Sergey is a personal trainer and nutritionist expert, and have been working with women for over 7 years. He is also a former owner of 2 women-only gyms in Israel.

He can help you achieve your goals fast and safely. However, his overall approach focuses on building your power, strength and stabilization. In other word, he will prepare your body to be capable of doing real-life activities for years to come.

He believes that laughter is the best medicine. He will train you hard while having fun. He will show you how to eat right while enjoying the food.  And he will show you that personal fitness compliments your life, not rules.


“He did a really good job!! I lost 7 lbs in just less than a month. 🙂

He was very helpful and patient!! Best trainer ever!! If I could give more than 5 stars I would!!!”
Eunice M

“My experience with Sergey has been wonderful so far. In my first two months I lost almost 11% of body fat and gained muscle mass. He keeps pushing my limits and challenges me with different form of workouts. He is an experienced trainer and has helped me to understand the balance between exercise and a healthy diet.”
– Sheetal A.

“Best decision I’ve made in a while. I’ve noticed a difference in my body and self confidence since I’ve started working with him. My outlook on working out has changed because I notice my body changing and because of Sergey’s guidance. I highly recommend Sergey!”
– Hetal P

Our Member in Action


Firstly, I love love love Surge Fitness!! I started coming to Sergey about 6 months ago post giving birth. I joined with my fitness level at ZERO, Sergey very patiently guided me with my workouts, building my strength and stamina. He is also a sweetie pie who is not a typical boot camp type trainer. 

Today, I am 40lbs, 15% body fat and many many many inches down. I will always be grateful to Sergey. He has changed my whole opinion about fitness and goals. Now My goal is to be RIPPED!!

– Sophia Khan

Great place with a great trainer who is real and cares about your progress and your results. You sweat; you remove the toxins from your body and you feel much better after each workout.

Definitely, no regrets as you only moving forward to your ultimate goal. Goal, which becomes possible for a change…So, keep moving! Do it for yourself!

– Tina Pankow

Sergey is very dedicated to your plan and persistent that you achieve goals. It’s hard work but it pays off in the end. I would strongly recommend classes if you’re tired of big gyms and want personalized training!!!

– Renita Mangru

Great workouts with great people. No matter what your fitness level you will be inspired to work hard to become strong.

– Sharon Schedra

Great trainer and great program. Pushes you to your limit while always making sure you aren’t injuring yourself (very important). Also provides regular guidance and support with diet and nutrition. Highly recommended.

Also a very supportive friendly workout environment

– Tiffany McLean

Best gym and trainer I have found in years. Never thought I’d look forward to working out, but I actually look forward to working out! In the 3 months I’ve been going to this gym I’ve seen absolutely incredible results!

– Jessica Chappell


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