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Small Group/Semi Private Classes
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Personal Training Sessions

The classes are designed to maximize your burn and build your strength. Based on your goal, the workout plan and nutrition advice are personalized specifically for you. You get the benefit of close attention from our coaches at affordable prices. Let’s not forget you will feel great and look awesome!

1 month — $239 (unlimited)

3 months— $229
per month (unlimited)
6 months — $219
per month (unlimited)
12 months —$209 
per month (unlimited)

We offer 30% veteran discount, contact us for more detail.

Reach your goal at lightning speed! We offer 1-on-1 or couple personal training options. You will get undivided attention from our coaches and receive your personalized, results-driven training. Through smart workout, tailored nutritional plan, We’ll help you get out of the rut and start enjoying your new self.

1-on-1 Personal Sessions (60 mins)
4 packs — $440 ($110 per session)
8 packs — $840 ($105 per session)

12 packs — $1200 ($100 per session)
16 packs — $1520 ($95 per session)
20 packs — $1800 ($90 per session)
26 packs — $2210 ($85 per session)

Semi Private Personal Sessions (60 mins)
8 packs — $880 ($55 per session per person)
12 packs — $1200 ($50 per session per person)
20 packs — $1800 ($45 per session per person)

Initial PT Consultation
Free (1st time only)

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